Monday, June 30, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

We just returned from Lake Powell and we had a great trip. My brother Chad and his family went , their friends Monte and Sandra. My mom and dad, and my brother Tagg and his wife. We stayed in Page, AZ again. It was cooler this year which is par for the weather everywhere. It was windier and the water was cooler. I think we've decided next time to go later in the summer.

The defining moments that come to mind are......
* Kimbri got up on the knee board and ski's for the very first time. And she liked it. Woohoo Kimbri!
* Having 1 on 1 time with Kimbri while we rode the tube for 30 miles back from Rainbow Bridge. We sang songs, told stories......probably the highlight of the trip for me.
* Sitting by the pool at night telling stories. Thanks to Tagg for the unforgettable crow story. (He'll never live it down).
* Everyone jumping off the rock doing a "crow tribute" to Tagg at the same time. HA, HA, HA, I'm still chuckling about that.
* Chad mocking John about last year not being able to speak after eating the hot wings and then sounding like a bubbling idiot himself this year. (what comes around goes around)
* Chad running out of gas returning from Rainbow Bridge
* We lost a towel and our flag while John and I had the top down going really really fast. It was awesome.
* We got our ski rope caught in the impeller and had to cut it off. Thanks to Grandpa for having his leatherman handy.
* I jumped off the cliffs this year more than once, the peer pressure was just too much, I had to do it. (dang competitive Williams blood)
* Grandma water skiing, will it be the last time????
* Lataun and I taking what we thought was a leisurely ride on the tube. What were we thinking riding behind the speed monster? John creamed us in front of everyone, we bailed big time and both our shorts came off. HA! It's revenge time Taun.

It was a great trip, thanks for arranging it Penny. (now why wasn't she there??????)

Enjoy some fun photos.This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Priceless!

Grandma said she liked the tube but she always had a look of desperation.

Jack preferred being on the boat, he was not to fond of the water until the very last day.
Each day it got warmer.


I think they've been ship wrecked,
Ya can't get any more dramatic than this.

The Famous Five

Joshua getting in on the jumping action.
Did he get that nose plug thing from Aunt Lataun?

Although Josh appears to be having fun, this is really a look of terror. He doesn't like to tube. We were sitting there after going fast and he goes "ah, this is perfect." I said, "Josh we aren't even moving." He never did decide it was fun.
"Feet first? Bahumbug! I raised a bunch of cowards."
Go Grandpa, it's your birthday, go Grandpa

"I think I read somewhere this is dangerous, quick I need an excuse to get off of here"
I think he has been labeled a "scaredy cat" something to that effect.

Jack deciding John's driving just wasn't good enough so he took over.

Kimbri and Sis hanging on for dear life. (Is John driving that boat?)

Father's Day in Idaho

The beginning of our summer vacation's has begun. We decided to run up to Idaho for Father's day this year. It was great seeing the new addition mom and dad have done on their home. It's awesome. They deserve it. We left from there and went through Yellowstone with my brother Chad and his family. I don't know how we are related. He whined about going and we talked him into it and I think he whined the whole way, not sure. I'll have to check with Taun. I could go there every year, what's his problem???? We stopped at Warm Springs on our way and then went through the park with hopes of seeing a bear. Didn't happen but it was fun looking. Chad and Taun went their separate ways and we continued on to Jackson Lake and got a cabin at Coulter Bay. We didn't have our boat this year but Logan and John and Josh did some fishing while Kimbri, I, and Jack did some hiking. Pushing the jogger on the trails was a feat in itself but it was fun. They said that a grizzly had been spotted in the area so Kimbri and I hiked always looking over our shoulder. We went through Swan Valley on our way home so that John and Logan could once again fish in the Snake River. Logan caught a fish on his first cash in the Pallisades reservoir so he didn't want to leave, EVER!

It was a great trip and now we'll get ready to leave for Powell. WoooooHoooooo!

Schools Out!

School is out. The kids are soooo excited. All three kids did awesome this year in school. Logan continues to hold his 4.0 grade point average. He won 5 awards this year, they were the Einstein award, most likely to achieve, principals award, 4.0 award, and honor student. Kimbri had her first year with a 4.0 as well. I'm so proud of all the extra work they do to make it happen. Joshua got all A's. He had a few A-'s so he didn't have 4.0 and I had to explain that to him. He sees what the older two are doing and wants to be like them. We have a lot planned for the summer including our Lake Powell trip. We are excited to go play.