Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last Stealth tournament of the Season

Thank you, thank you, I know it's impressive that I finally took my camera to the last tournament of the year. ;)

Logan has been playing on the Stealth, which is a super league baseball team for 4 years now (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) It's one of the funnest things that Logan is involved in. It takes a lot of time with practices, games every Saturday and tournaments in the state of Utah and Idaho but it's worth it. The boys have become great friends and they continue to improve each year.

Thanks to the incredible coaching staff or the team wouldn't even be. Steve Branch, Collin Smith, Thom Pronk, and Kevin Hamatake. They put a lot of time and energy not to mention miles on their vehicles. They are a great example to our boys and they have no idea how much they are appreciated.

They ended their year winning as many games as they lost. I believe there is baseball terminology for a record like that. ;) Anyway, that was their goal for the season and they accomplished it. WoooHoooo!

Logan is always sad when the season ends. They have 1 year left to play together and then they will split off to their high schools. What a great experience this is for them and the memories that come with it.

I was able to get some pictures of the families that are involved and the kinds of things that take place at the tournaments. Enjoy! (I warned all of you that you would be blogged)

Head Coach Steve Branch
Look at the posture on this guy, and he claims to have back pain. hmmmm

Coach Collin Smith
(I have a picture of his better end, that will be highlighted in the next blog :))

Coach Thom Pronk, (aka Twinkle Toes)
He's in protective custody and can't give us his real name

Coach Kevin Hamatake
Was there a back ground check done on this guy? I'm sure I've seen his wanted poster ;)

In between games everyone finds a way to chill out.
I believe that Greg was crowned king of hacky sack.

This is the kind of team work that goes on behind the scenes.

The May family enjoying the competition.

Here are some shady fellows. They let all kinds attend these events.
They didn't seem to understand what I meant by "say cheese"
Cory was really confused, he must have thought I said "I'm going to say cheese."

I have chosen not to comment on this lovely photo, it speaks so many things.

Heather Landon hanging in the shade providing treats to the kids.

Coach Branch giving the boys great wisdom
"I told you not to talk to your mother like that again!"

They all look forward to signing each other 's balls at the end of the year.
(Don't know how else to say it. ha)

Until next year boys and what a great season they had!
(Football starts the end of July, what the heck????)

Logan gets to make my bed for a week.

Logan and I occasionally get to go golfing together. We're both very competitive and we always bet money but we never pay up. (what kind of mother am I?) So today's wager was whoever loses gets to make the other's bed for the next week.

My first hit was so bad off the tee that I intentionally ran over my ball with the cart to show it who was boss. I thought Logan was going to die laughing. I enjoy golfing and I believe I could compete in the LPGA with a bit more practice. :) HA!
Needless to say I golfed so crappy today and I've decided to attribute that to the fact that the course was very wet. For example, on one hole I hit a beauty off the tee and then right in the middle of the fairway I swear I heard my ball go "plop". I thought about complaining to the guy working but decided to just tell him about it when I got home. (I did tell him and he assured me that it had nothing to do with the way I hit that little bitty ball. The Nerve of Him!) The next hole I hit right into the sand pit and again I swear I heard my ball go "plop". So you can understand how I can blame the course for my play.

Logan on the other hand told me that I was setting a bad example by cursing each time after I hit. I just kept lifting my head and @!#&* it, that's something to curse about. :) Logan struggled as well considering he lost 8 balls to the great weed and water King today.

All in all it was a great day of golf, we always have fun and laugh the whole time. Did I mention that I beat him by 2 strokes so he has the honor of making my bed everyday for the next week? That's what I call a successful day. :)

I need to give a big shout out to all Logan's friends that texted him the whole time. Many times while he was on his down swing it seemed he got a text and it helped me drastically. (Thanks Steve for having my back. :) )

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Mom, what kind of bandaid is this?"

I had a chuckle the other day I thought I would share. I was busy working on the computer and Josh scratched his leg and it was bleeding. Keep in mind he is almost 8. Anyway,
he asked for a bandaid and of course I was too busy to get it for him and told him to get one on his own. A few minutes later he shows up and says "Mom, how does this bandaid work, its the only one left?" I turned from the computer and in his hand he held a panty liner. Ha, ha, ha. It was so funny. I tried not to make a big deal out of it. I said, "Josh, that is not a bandaid." He said, "What is it?" I said, "It's for girls." and although I'm certain he doesn't understand he started to blush and he said, "Oh, I'll go look again." Needless to say the second round he found a bandaid. It was quite hilarious.